It helped me authenticate a bag. i will right down below the link.. Kindly check if its authentic.. IMHO the missed stitch is a tell-tale sign. all other details seem to prove that its authentic, except that indentation. Only after unfolding it at home, I was confuse by the size. This site is now a staple tool in my shoping experiences! HOT-STAMPED GRAPHICS I found this Longchamp Planètes bag on EBAY AU and really like it. Hi, just bought a Longchamp large shopping bag at Winners….everything checks out except the indentation of the logo (horse) cannot be felt on the inside flap. I would also like to add that the leather is quite stiff and thick as compared to the genuine russian leather used by longchamp. AA for France, AE for China. Can you please help me authenticate my new Longchamp Le Pliage Neo with sling? I gladly can say my Le Pliage Shopping Modele Depose in Camel (Medium Long Handle Tote, “SHOPPING”) is authentic. Taille bague. It’s one of the orange bags with tortoise shell like leather. I know there are already numerous guides on how to tell when a Longchamp Pliage bag is fake, but I haven’t found one yet that I’m satisfied with, probably because most have little to no pictures connected to their descriptions. I just recieved a Longchamp bag and I didn’t wanna use it at first because I am aware that there are a lot of counterfeits going around and 8 didin’t want ti be one who uses those products. Thanks. Hello, can you pleasee help me authenticate my Longchamp bag? Thanks in advance. The stiches are also of the same color. i already sent you an email as well. I recently bought my wife a victoire. I got it because I felt that it was a pretty good deal considering the condition of the tote. BTW, I found the care card, it’s in the pocket Now, I can say that my bag is 100% authentic. I just bought a le Pliage Planetes from Poshmark. LE PLIAGE TYPE “M” – MODÈLE DÉPOSÉ As he is not really savvy with these things, I’m not quitesure who gave him the idea of buying this brand. THanks for your helpful tips. , Hi there susan, unfortunately I wasnt able to send you the photos of my maroon pliage, I returned it instead since im not reall sure of its authenticity, however can u help me with planetes? except that the diamond pattern is cause by not-so diagonal lines, more of horizontal lines. Jan 26, 2013 @ 00:01. If it’s a neo in navy. bonjour, je vends mon sac longchamp, il est neuf jamais porté. Ur blog so helpful,,I just got this bag from my sister in law..I hv no idea this is authentic or fake.checkin on internet n then I found ur blog.. The zipper has 45, YKK, and T engraved on it. One is an amazing fake that can easily pass the naked eye. By Susan in Article, Guide 273 Comments… […], Please help i have i believe a short handled cabas la pilage granite colored tote ( no zipper) do these have linings ? I do have the same description of the bag in here.longchamp neo small handbag (beige). I’ve checked all the other features and it matches on the aunthentic ones. Hi, really glad to find all these informations about Longchamp! Quallity articles is thhe crucial to invite the Hi I find your blog so helpful. Many thanks again Susan. I am just concern on the shiny description of the nylon. Also, the gold snap button on the front flap is upside down…, Do you know if any older versions of the bag would have this? 2 actually and same as Carmel’s situation, I’m quite confused. Entrez dans l'univers de la Maison Longchamp et découvrez la collection Sacs pour Femme de Longchamp. Thanks for your help Dear!!!! Its made in france but the code doesnt match it reads 1602089HK015. Que l'on parle de petits pliage longchamp, de sacs pliage cuir longchamp et de pliage de longchamp paris, édités par Editions Assouline, vous dénicherez tout ce dont vous avez besoin au rayon sacs & bagagerie et livres, en plus de votre pliage longchamp pas cher. Pour être certain de faire une bonne affaire avec l'article Sac À Main Longchamp Sac Porté Main Taille M Pliage Nylon Rose, n'hésitez pas à comparer les prix de nos … I hope this helps! Just want to check with you if you can verify if this is authentic based on the tag: NMA PAC/02 Spacieux et léger, Le Pliage Néo est le … I got the black one. This guide is very helpful. Every detail in this site seems to tell me it is real except for the long handles. Also, the back hot stamped indicates “Longchamp Modele Depose” with its correct stresses. Very informative, just bought a couple of Longchamps online and everything checks out except for the color and lining of one of them! 6,00 EUR. I have been trying to figure out if my Le Pliage Small that my sister game me over 10 years ago was fake. I found the praline backpack online and find myself a bit skeptical. Hi Joanne, the super old longchamps pliage bags, like the one you described, has the potential to not come with an inside clear tag. The stitching elsewhere on the nylon (the zipper or pocket area) is more or less the same color as the nylon. I cannot found it on the official list. Profitez des dernières tendances sur des centaines d'articles de la boutique en ligne Galeries Lafayette ! Longchamp - Achetez une variété de produits à prix abordables sur eBay. Fake: Any official names/season of a color I’m unsure of are marked with a question mark. The logo has a line under it, so it would be an older version. Do you have idea how on it? The nylon as well also looks a bit shiny, the plastic tag was hard, see through plastic and the care card looked a little cheap. All you need to prove if the bag is fake or not is the bag itself (and all its components). – After prolonged use, the round “gold” pull  has traces of copper-colored discoloration. Can you help me to authenticate? If it’s authentic I’d love to purchase it before anyone else does. I noticed in your blog that all handles are colored tan. Sac Longchamp Taille M Sac porté main M Le Pliage L from Sac Longchamp Taille M, Dimensions Sac Longchamp Taille M Sac Main Longchamp Pliage from Sac Longchamp Taille M, Sac shopping L Le Pliage L from Sac Longchamp Taille M, Travel bag XL Le Pliage L from Sac Longchamp Taille… Cassandra Valderrama MODÈLE DÉPOSÉ – MADE IN FRANCE. Same on the color code, it states 1623089271, based on your color code “271” intended for citrine while mine is kinda old rose /pink shade..i dunno if its a new color shade but the fact that 271 is for citrine, that got me more confused. thanks. I bought few LC through personal shopper and they claimed it is authentic because all were bought from various factory outlets.The rest of the indications was tally except for the measurements.They’re either bigger or smaller.Does this also mean I was buying a counterfeit LC? Hi, i just bought the le pliage long handle. Can you help me authenticate it? I just got mime today. Achat immédiat. Longchamp strictly follow quality control. hi ther allen! Although I can feel the indention I cannot see the logo. Maybe because of prolonged use that the leather has turned tan so the logo is no longer visible. Le sac Pliage Longchamp est probablement d’un des modèles les plus iconiques en maroquinerie haut de gamme. Feel free to drop me a message on our Facebook page (it would be awesome if you liked our page too !) Is it fake? Vous trouverez forcément le Pliage qui vous convient. The Labeling On The Back Of The Flap Seems Legit.On The Tag It Says It’s Made In France But As I Read The Style # It Doesn’t Have 089 In It ,It Reads 1899576556. Fake: Have you ever heard of any Longchamp’s being defective. I just got my Le Pliage neo medium short handle and purchased it from Lazada. Is that a bad sign? 1091519081, Hi, just want to check the top letters & numbers represents? Is it similar to the details of a Le Pliage? Thanks again! I am looking at a used one that does not match any of your color codes, and the leather has no diagonal markings. Take note of the line breaks. It has the word “LONGCHAMP” embroidered on the front side. I have always wanted one of these totes….we are headed to Europe next year, and I’m hoping to get one while I’m there. They said it was travel size, but not as big as i see in the original longchamp store.. Hello, Il est décliné en de nombreuses tailles, coloris, en édition limitées ou en collection permanente. MADE IN FRANCE Entre temps, j’ai acheté un second modèle avec les grandes anses. Just wanted to ad that i just purchased a very good fake online today. I randomly checked my totes and indeed it contains everything you just said. I found a les pliage shopping bag that has everything you described to be authentic from the zippers, to the size, to the leather, the stitching, to the handles, etc….the only thing is that there are no clear tags. Where can I send the photos? And while I’ve gotten a few good apples, I’m afraid I just received 2 rotten ones The bags have several good things going for them – the zippers seem the real deal, there’s that plastic disc behind the button closure, the stitching seems the right color… BUT… but… I’m having problems with the LE PLIAGE “SHOPPING” – MODELE DEPOSE part. Extremely well written, easy to reference with great photos and details. CLA LIG/M/02 or SPE PAC/02, do all bags have a tag inside with #’s. seohyun???? Could you please help me. Lucky you, I did contact her,since I would be sending this to Denmark, so I wasn’t doing it for myself, her ebay shipping info said she doesn’t ship to the US. Hi Susan! Hi I think it’s an old model because mine is the same no inside tag then everything else is same as what the description here. Hi. Iknow it is not Le Pliage as it does not have code 089.. J’ai acquis mon premier Pliage à cette période, il y a donc bien 10 ans de ça. Now I simply refer to your guide (especially the color coding) everytime a new piece arrives. The bag she bought is a medium sized All Black Le Pliage with full black leather straps. Thanks. Refer to the “PLIAGE COLOR CODE TABLE” Table. I wish you could also blog (and warn people about) high quality replicas which are usually sold 50% off than its original price. If you come across one, I can authenticate it. think my colour is actually mint (hence the white lining) although it does look more like the cedar portrayed in your photo – sorry for confusion! I just wanted to jot a line and say I hardly ever really leave comments on blogs and guides, but this one was so intricate and magnificent! . However according to this site Authentic: I have refered to this page multiple times when looking to purchase a Longchamp on eBay. The second and third accent marks on the E are pointing up to the right. Hi Susan – You’re website is great reference tool! But the other one I bought was sort of royal blue. The one I have is up right, but some of my other ones are at an angle. Hi Susan! I’d like to ask if are there any LC that are LLH? Please email them to be at If it’s too shiny, it’s a no go. I’d love to at least guess how old the one I bought is. Wow – fantastic post! On peut totalement apparenter le sac Pliage Longchamp à la catégorie des cabas. I sent pictures over – let me know if you need any other shots. 200,00 € Existe en 4 coloris . Hi please help is there a bronze/rosegold zipperpull sa LC? What does happen often (it happened to mine) is: please post some details about longchamp overruns i you know how to spot. Thanks. I just bought myself a Le Pliage tote from the Longchamp store in Sydney and I’m pretty confident that everything is authentic because they’re pretty much the only places that stock Longchamp bags here in Sydney (thanks Australia for overpricing everything because of the cost to ship goods here). I have bought in Dublin, France and London and they are all made in China so sad because I purposely waited on buying one until I went to France and I didn’t notice until i came across this website. Please advise. – White Translucent tag with the correct manufacturing locations and style number., Hi, Many thanks! Oct 29, 2015 @ 08:27. I think my bag matched almost everything you mentioned except the code on the white translucent tag… Thanks! Et quelle taille ? Fake: White Stitching on Nylon (except in the case of having the White or Paper colored Pliage Longchamp bags). i cannot feel any indentation at all. Any chance these might be authentic? Ce sont des sacs que j’ai énormément utilisés, autant l’un que l’autre. Haha getting another Longchamp? Le Pliage Néo Sac banane M. € 165,00 Marine. This is my first Longchanmp bag, I bought it last month in the airport and I love it. L'article n'a pas été envoyé - Vérifiez vos adresses e-mail ! Hi Susan! LONGCHAMP Stephanie Legore MASRAHAYU BT SARMIN It says Longchamp top and bottom. But I was having doubts when I saw the handles which I haven’t checked after I left the store and only saw it earlier today. Vous trouverez toujours une occasion où vous aurez besoin de le sortir. Many thanks for your detailed guide on spotting fakes. Longchamp pense à tout et vous laisse également le choix du textile. But the tag inside was weird, when I checked the Item Code of my bag it didn’t appear and showed other pictures and articled not related to longchamp instead. Large Short handle Tote, TYPE “L”: 1624089### I wasn’t surprise when I saw it at the outlet, but boutique…. I will likely be coming back to your weblog for extra soon. this is very helpful! Thanks. Yes you can assume that your bag is real if all the details match whether or not you have the care card. Hi Susan, Hi, I stumbled upon this blog and I fell in love! – Wrong manufacturing locations or incorrect style number. Thanks. However, my concern is that I did not find a tag inside the bag that states where it was made and any other information to confirm that it is a authentic bag. What an amazing guide. My LM has an inside tag that is made in china. Hi ! I just bought a longchamp bag and it matches your description. Thanks for your guide; it was really detailed and helpful! If you are ever in Las Vegas, please contact me or send me a message on Facebook. And it seems authentic when it comes to workmanship; I had it for 2 years and been using it almost everyday, but the bag is still intact — very sturdy indeed! ... Sac longchamp quelle taille prendre ? Came online looking for information and came across your site. Wow! So this is another thing to consider for those of you buying new bags, the handle might be much shorter in a new bag than in one that has been used considerably! (Pass) Is it still authentic? Been delivered just today by lazada.VISLON YKK 5VS engraved on the bottom of zipper.and have no diamond-shaped patterns on d leather this authentic or not?so I wont purchase any from them.thanks much. I wish there could be this type of information on “Louis Vuitton” thank you Susan! 49,99 EUR.
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