How long Masca Barranco will remain closed is like asking how long is a piece of string. Updated 22 February 2019: I’ve had increasing enquiries over the past month or so about Masca barranco, and whether the works are now finished and the paths reopened, and today the Cabildo has announced the latest situation. Whereas nearly every other walking route on Tenerife requires some effort/planning on the part of the individual, tour/walking companies make it easy for anyone to attempt to walk the ravine. The budget for the works is €1m and includes the refurbishment of the visitor centre and a regulatory procedure for visits. Como Llegar a Masca . The village is really pretty but unfortunately both Walks - Masca George - and - Masca Barranco - are closed who knows how for long as we have been told, so we are really disappointed. Si fuerais con vuestro coche a la zona alta de Masca, después de bajar el barranco tendríais que volver a subir a por el coche, no compensa, hay que estar muy en forma… Itinerario. Folk on holiday sometimes make poor decisions for various well documented reasons. Lo sentimos, no hay rutas ni actividades disponibles para reservar online en las fechas seleccionadas. Phone: 922,128,080 to 922,129,030-Ext: 1071 [More Information...], A funny thing happened on the way to Viana do Castello... #Portugal #travel #cycling, Copyright © 2020 | MH Magazine WordPress Theme by MH Themes, Jack is co-editor, writer and photographer for BuzzTrips and the Real Tenerife series of travel websites as well as a contributor to online travel sites and travel magazines. Latest update from this morning (11 March 2019) – Masca Barranco now not expected to open before summer 2019 as work to improve the jetty at the beach hasn’t even started yet. That can happen anywhere but particularly to people on holiday and especially in a branded all year round destination. Primero coges el 325 en Correos de Los Gigantes (8.30 a.m) este enlaza con el 355 desde Santiago del Teide hasta Masca, en total 2.60€ por persona (se puede subir en Taxi pero bastante más caro- 20 o 25€) El barranco es … The plan is to have all the safety measures in the ravine in place by the end of the year. Your email address will not be published. However, the Mayoress of the municipality where it’s located has been talking about opening it in October as long as some of the safety measures have been completed. Even then, some people do make mistakes or have accidents on holiday so let’s not dive into condemnation. Barranco de Masca, Masca: Consulta 2.032 opiniones, artículos y 2.028 fotos de Barranco de Masca en Tripadvisor. Descarga el track GPS y sigue el recorrido del itinerario del sendero desde un mapa. Dabei ist erstmal egal für welche Zeit. Desde alli vas bajando del pueblo a la playa de Masca. We’re checking official news for updates two to three times a week and will post info as soon as we hear anything. Para iniciar la ruta nos tenemos de desplazar hasta el caserío de Masca, que pertenece al municipio de Buenavista del Norte (entre los dos puntos hay casi 20 kilómetros). Original post 26 February: In the wake of the forced rescue of eight young holidaymakers who intended to spend the day at Masca beach and then walk back up the barranco in the teeth of an orange alert for stormy weather, Buenavista del Norte Ayuntamiento has closed the gorge to walkers until further notice. The vast majority of people who walk the Masca are not outward bound folks. The Cabildo says that the works are required after the central pillar of the gangway collapsed, making the jetty unusable for safety reasons. When access is restored, it is likely that there will be a procedure for advance reservations for walkers, a measure approved by the Cabildo on 8 October just past, and García said that there will be a central facility to allow reservations to be made to permit orderly transit through the protected zone. There’s an increased risk of rockfall. […], Being out and about in rural Tenerife gives you the opportunity to have a nosy at what local food goodies you can find some room in the rucksack for. Within the following week the authorities announced the closure of Masca Barranco, prohibiting members of the public from entering it until measures were put in place to make it safer. It was inevitable the ravine would be closed at some point, the walkers who spent the night in a cave were just the final straw. There was also a weather alert for wild seas which kept the water taxis in harbour. This is a challenging walk I did it regularly right up to 2013. So we don’t understand why the gorge has been totally closed? Reaching Masca Bay they found the jetty damaged and no boats waiting to take them back to the safety of civilisation. Tiene la reputación de haber sido un escondite de los piratas. Why not call the tourist office to check :- But thanks to the irresponsibility of some (I’m not just referring to walkers here) these steps are essential. In November last year the mayor of the municipality where Masca is located said it might be March or April before it is open again, but it would depend on how things progressed during winter when weather could slow work down. aproximadamente. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Others unfortunately exacerbate risk through foolishness or mistakes but often inadvertently. We posted information on our facebook page a few days ago that there had been an official announcement from the Tenerife Government to say it was unlikely the ravine would be open before March 2019. As it happens, it was postponed anyway because of the weather conditions. Trail: Barranco de Masca, Tenerife. The article actually says that the closure is nothing to do with the youngsters. These people presumably are walkerswho enjoy the outdoors, therefore did they not notice the weather, or think to get local advice before embarking on such a trip? Meist bekommt man die Tickets für 15:30 oder 16:30. Safety measures So the trail is still closed I imagine? Masca destaca también por su arquitectura tradicional, pese a que la mayoría de sus construcciones no tengan una gran antigüedad. Meanwhile, although finding Masca Barranco closed might be a disappointment, the majority of Tenerife’s other excellent walking routes aren’t… and on most you won’t have to share the trail with hordes of other walkers. Any experienced walker who has walked extensively in a specific destination should know walking routes can change depending on the time of year. Hayley_8 wrote a review Jul 2018. When access is restored, it is likely that there will be a procedure for advance reservations for walkers, a measure approved by the Cabildo on 8 October just past, and García said that there will be a central facility to allow reservations to be made to permit orderly transit through the protected zone. From an understanding of the island’s micro climates and how they can affect walking conditions, and hints and tips about footwear, clothing and equipment, to recommended places to stay for easy access to the best routes... [Find Out More], Easy-to-follow directions for Tenerife’s stunning walking locations; ‘Island walks’ routes include interesting detours, refreshment stops, toilets, local information, flora, advice about walking in specific areas, photographs and public transport routes. As the goatherd who helped the stranded walkers pointed out, walkers are rescued from Masca Barranco nearly every week. Despite what some hiking companies might say, it is a challenge. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. People coming to Tenerife have a perception of all year round good weather and can be astonished to find that the weather turns against them. I’m flying in November 21st. However I couldn’t believe how this walk was sold to people often as a beach walk.I regularly saw families, children, old and even disabled walking this trail in nothing but flop flops it was crazy . I will of course post as soon as there is news because many people are interested and/or concerned about the situation. Having stayed here for five years for numerous holidays. Los relieves abruptos, de altura imposible, harán las delicias de todos los aventureros con una gran recompensa final: la playa. Here are ten ways where walking on Tenerife is regularly underestimated. It was downright frightening at times, but we did it! Lo mejor en los alrededores. We can’t stop every activity or no one would be allowed to drive a car! Personally I think it’s crazy to attempt this one when it’s officially closed. There are still reviews of the walk being posted on Tripadvisor, in one case with children in tow, and a couple suggest water taxis will still pick people up from the beach, otherwise it’s a hard trek back up the barranco. As to the water taxi, again there is no announcement. El Barranco de Masca se trata sin duda de una de las actividades de senderismo más espectaculares que podemos realizar en Tenerife. Barranco de Masca, Tenerife. […]. There should be a person employed at the top to get a nice signature from all entering the gorge (and preferably credit card details too) to state that they accept full responsibility for their own safety – they go in and out under their own steam or stay at the top and take a pretty picture. It remains closed to walkers “until further notice”. © 2007-2020 Janet Anscombe. Tenerife will not want to undermine its holiday offering and the numbers and channels tourists come through are so numerous. It is. El Barranco de Masca, en el término de Buena vista del Norte en Tenerife, te llevará por un macizo impresionante donde descubrir las primeras manifestaciones de volcanismo de la isla. It will open when enough brown envelopes have changed hands and those who have to rescue people are fully compensated. Contacto. But the fact is the walkers in question were only the latest in a long, long line of people who are ultimately responsible for the closure of the Masca Barranco. Hi Janet, as a follow up to my original post about Masca Barranco, I have spoken again to the people who booked this trip and it may be that the tour company involved are being a little misleading as to where the walk actually goes. Let’s not be too quick to judge. However, as the party rescued from the beach illustrates, some experienced walkers haven’t exactly helped the situation. En Masca se pueden encontrar profundos barrancos y acantilados que terminan en el Océano Atlántico entre la vegetación y las curvadas carreteras. Barranco de Masca - HA CERRADO. I’m staying in Los Gigantes this week. And partly it’s because of a lack of understanding of the terrain and how the weather affects it. Asked many people why the gorge was closed – tour operators, restaurant owners, guides, boatmen, shop keepers, even local tourist information….the works – and not one single person mentioned the rescue of these young hikers. Similarly with the beach. There are official signs showing it’s closed, but some people ignore them. Hi there – when you say “officially closed” do you mean that yes, there are signs saying it is officially closed but people are hiking it anyway? After the dam, you are now in the most closed-in and narrow section of the ravine. I came to Masca in july 2018 and found the access to the path closed. DATOS DE LA RUTA: Fecha realizacion: 27-09-2009 Distancia recorrida: 7,90 Km Altitud origen: 628 m Altitud maxima: 630 m Tiempo en movimiento: 1 horas 42 minutos Estado del Cielo: No da el sol, el barranco te rodea Temperatura: … There will be safety barriers at danger spots; masts will be installed so phones will be able to pick up a signal everywhere in the ravine; rangers will be posted at various points along the trail, and the jetty at Masca Beach will be improved. El barranco de Masca esta encajado de la vertiente occidental de Teno, parte de la alineación montañosa Gala-Baracán hasta el mar, dispuesto de forma paralela al barranco de Retamar y Juan López por el norte y al barranco del Natero/Barranco Seco por el sur, siguiendo una alineación NE-SW. Llegar a Masca no es fácil, nosotros decidimos ir en Bus. There’s no change yet Emily. We’ve already posted this information on our facebook page and Twitter account, and also advise customers about it when we send our walking routes to them. No updates since COVID started to dominate the news. I see the eight people have now been charged for the rescue. Working with travel companies: regulation and co-operation My husband and I have visited Masca barranco many times – we used both possibility, we hiked down from the village to the beach and after a small snack back to the Masca village (it’s not so difficult, only about 650 m down and up), or we took a water taxi from Los Gigantes to Masca beach and hiked up. You really don’t want to be in any narrow ravine in the days following heavy rain. È formato da quattro quartieri che discendono dalla strada, antico percorso che collegava la valle di Santiago con quella del Palmar. So the authorities are going to take steps to make the Masca Barranco a safer place to walk. There are more accidents here than on any other Tenerife walking route, and if anyone was to be unfortunate enough to get into trouble in the barranco when it was officially closed, it would turn out to be a very expensive walk… or worse. Dann beginnt der Einstieg in den Barranco direkt im Ort an dem großen Schild auf der linken Seite. For the locals working for us tourists ,surely a temporary floating jetty could be brought in , keeping their businesses and income on going. ¡Y es que lo tiene todo! Junto con un guía de senderismo experimentado, que le dará información interesante sobre Masca y Tenerife durante la caminata de Masca, usted caminará a lo largo de los 8 km de Barranco de Masca. Hope they won’t do the same thing with permits to be asked for in advance. We’ll post something as soon as we get news it’s open again. Has a specific day been announced yet? Beggars belief! The overwhelming majority did say that the jetty at the mouth of the Gorge had been destroyed completely in storms and that on some parts of the walk there were quite precarious slopes which posed a significant risk. As far as I'm aware this makes In Tenerife compliant with EU legislation but if you have any concerns or wish your details deleted, please just email help@janetanscombe,com, or you can simply disable cookies for this site in your browser. Now, today, the Cabildo has announced that works to repair the 30-year-old jetty started today, and are expected to take a month. Later that day the goatherd spotted more hikers in the ravine. Masca Express brings hikers throughout the year to and from Masca and Los Gigantes.Masca Express offers several pick-up times every day. Your email address will not be published. But why close completely was my next question (people are willing to take the risk in remote locals pretty much everywhere and you can not simply close them all !). Helpful. La estadística convierte a Masca en una de las zonas más visitadas y populares de Tenerife. The simple answer is no more than any other route which involves narrow, paths, steep ledges, uneven terrain, and there are plenty of those in the Canary Islands. Thank you. CLICK HERE TO SEE EXAMPLE PAGES, These are the walks that we love on Tenerife – we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. El punto de partida se encuentra en el caserío de Masca. Additionally, when it does, visitors will have to pay to walk the ravine and access to Masca could be restricted to public transport only for visitors. Het pad loopt nu aan de overzijde om het water te mijden, dat in de winter aanzwelt, en voert naar een zone met irrigatiekanalen en moestuinen. hello, is there any sign of the walk opening again? With Masca, the key beyond infrastructure and signage would seem to be through those who support Masca trips. A partir de aquí tendremos que empezar a descender por un sendero de unos 4 km. Nur wenige gehen auch den Barranco hinunter bis zur Playa de Masca. March 12, 2018 Mmm. Finally I decided to do Masca, to be told it’s closed until March at the earliest. My experience of the Masca gorge is that good tour companies do try to control risk responsibly but not everyone goes through one of these companies. due to be in area at end of November 2019. If they were undertaking it without official guides,then they must have done some research which would educate them that a baranca is in simple terms a water channel thus indicating that in bad weather it would be wet, slippery and to be avoided. Some folk avoid risk outside of their own territory even including limiting where they go. Maybe you guys should understood we are in the middle of the Atlantic and this is the small island not continent, if you hike you have to follow the alerts – there are storm fronts one after another on this month as never before. Surely we want to support them in this. We’ve witnessed disgraceful, and dangerous, practices by some so-called walking companies in Masca Barranco in the past. It was supposed to be summer, but obviously what’s happened with COVID19 has affected everything. This is that its environment department has recently visited the works, which are under its jurisdiction, for the adaptation, signalling and improvements for walkers’ security and the environment of Masca barranco generally. This is partly because the demands of sliding down rocks, easing around narrow ledges or negotiating stepping stones across pools require a certain amount of agility and suppleness that isn’t normally required on the average walking route. Jack For some time the mayor of Buenavista del Norte, the municipality where Masca is located, has voiced concerns about the unusually high number of people who have had to be rescued from the ravine. […], In one 72 hour period in 2014 10 different walkers had to be rescued from Tenerife’s trails. In every part of life their are people who do not use common sense or are just reckless. My feeling is it won’t be excessively long. The merchant trail between San Miguel and Granadilla de Abona, Six scenes of an Afur walking route in Anaga on Tenerife, Here are six scenes of the north of Tenerife which show why we consider the walking there to be exceptionally good. The fact that it is a barranco doesn’t make it unique, there are plenty of other narrow ravines around the island. The goatherd advised them to stay put, leading the stranded hikers to a cave where he knew they’d be safe, sharing some of his food and water. The Cabildo stresses that although the works are planned to be completed by mid-June, it is impossible to give a firm date because sea conditions might make work impossible on some currently planned days. Situado en la zona noroeste de la isla y perteneciente al Parque Rural de Teno, el caserío de Masca se erige como una de las visitas más recomendadas en cualquier viaje a Tenerife. There will be a lot of pressure from the many businesses for whom a closed Masca Barranco means a loss of income to get it open again as soon as possible. Learn how your comment data is processed. The following day the emergency services were able to rescue the walkers from Masca Beach. I went past the bottom of the barranco on my boat on Tuesday and it was closed, no boats were landing. Now charge them the FULL costs of the rescue before letting them leave. My wife and I have been holidaying in Tenerife for several years, and never once have we been advised not to venture out as there might be bad weather expected, nothing by the hotel staff, or anyone else, including news media, and no notices posted. They were lucky a goatherd was seeing out the storm in the area as they would have attempted to walk back up the ravine, possibly resulting in a more tragic end to this tale. I’m afraid I have no idea but given the Cabildo’s recent visit, I would have thought it very unlikely for the barranco to be reopened to walkers in a matter of just weeks. If you are careful, it can be a great adventure. There is a greater danger of landslides as this area is boxed in between walls that are many hundred metres high. Can people just ignore the closed signs or will they get into trouble? To be clear: Masca barranco is closed to walkers and the council has banned the jetty from being used by boats. Around 100,000 people tackle it each year. I have been here today 01/03/20 there is no chance of walk being opened by summer 2020. Date of experience: July 2019. Set in Masca in the Canary Islands region, Masca - Estudio casas morrocatana features a patio and garden views. Have just returned from from Tenerife feeling a little dejected that I could not walk the Masca Gorge, but walked the ridge above which made up for it in some way. Learn how your comment data is processed. The latter is really quite difficult. Thanks for the great informative post, Jack! Cómo llegar al barranco de Masca. There’s no arguing their actions were irresponsible and not something I’d expect from experienced hikers. Communication to and education of users: how to get the message across to different market sectors – tourists and others to achieve greater levels of responsibility. No, Gary, I get the impression – which is all it is but it’s clear all the same – that this could be a long haul but it’s not open at the moment and there’s no immediate plan. Masca es un bello pareja con una arquitectura tradicional digna de mención. Hi Janet, that’s what I thought. Ruta Barranco de Masca (Tenerife) de senderismo en Masca, Canarias (España). Still officially closed I’m afraid. As for walking it a couple of days after heavy rainfall… don’t. Where did they find out about this walk? Senderistas bajando el barranco de Masca antes del cierre / Tamadaya Gestión de Proyectos, S.L. There’s no doubting that injuries to people not suited to walking it have made it appear to be more dangerous than it really is. The people I spoke to were under the impression the trip they booked was for the barranco walk but it turned out that it was to Masca village. Varied mix of opinion, some bordering on the comical (Angie) and a somewhat dubious title. Guess still closed? With the numbers of tourists coming to Tenerife and the outdoor experiences available, it is necessary that Tenerife has the resources to rescue tourists if they get into difficulty and it does. They also help reader experiences. Is the trail likely to be open again by the end of this month (March 2019)? Is the anticipated opening date still March 2019? Accidents are, therefore, inevitable. No information is stored other than email addresses freely entered by those wishing to comment, and this information is not used for any other purpose nor shared. This matters for people’s safety and the economic dependence on the Masca trips. It’s big numbers, and big business. Masca, Tenerife España +34 602 69 96 29. We’ll post an update as soon as there’s any firm information from the authorities. Por méritos propios, como lugar que alberga un paisaje de incomparable belleza, el barranco de Masca se viene convirtiendo cada vez más en uno de los parajes naturales de referencia en Tenerife, y en particular en el suroeste de la isla. Unlike most other walking routes on Tenerife, Masca attracts people who might not normally include hiking as one of their popular pastimes. We have gone out on a perfectly fine day , and been caught up in strong winds, or calimos as you call them, and only found out when we got back to UK, that we should have been advised to stay indoors. It’s an unnecessary drain on resources, and rescues in inclement weather can also result in those in the emergency services having to risk personal safety. At the time, Buenavista del Norte Ayuntamiento closed the barranco, and subsequently, after further rescues in the area and yet another death, the Cabildo announced wide-ranging security measures and structural improvements in the general area for safety reasons involving an investment amounting to some €3m. All Rights Reserved. The village is really pretty but unfortunately both Walks - Masca George - and - Masca Barranco - are closed who knows how for long as we have been told , so we are really disappointed. They may have been foolish but that is a completely different issue. We’re posting any updated information on our facebook page whenever we get it. The comments do not seem to focus on how we work together to solve the problem and minimise harm and risk and this is the authorities’ aim as per the other article. No confirmed date has been provided for the barranco to be reopened to walkers. 2 Helpful votes. Elija otra fecha. Primero el paseo en el tradicional caserío. Puedes llegar a Masca o por transporte públic o o en taxi desde Santiago del Teide. I was just asking out of curiosity because like you, I was under the impression it was closed for the foreseeable future, so was surprised when told that at least one operator is taking bookings for the barranco. The council says that this is an open-ended measure taken because the weather system that is currently with us has damaged a pilly of the jetty leaving it inoperative. I know nothing about any tour companies operating, or being allowed to operate, in the area. The Guardia Civil had also said that access was impracticable and that a rescue on foot would be dangerous for rescuers. They are on a day trip – downhill all the way, with a lovely guide and a nice boat ride back to Los Gigantes. Il caseggiato occupa la zona superiore dell'alveo del torrente, tra le guglie di Abache e la Fortaleza e il picco Tarucho. The Masca Barranco is unique on Tenerife. Any ideas of when it might re-open?? Met een lengte van vier kilometer en een hoogteverschil van 580 meter begint deze kloofroute in het gehucht Masca, waarna ze over een houten brug loopt en de rivierbedding voor het eerst oversteekt. Your email address will not be published. Ubicación. 29. Masca Walk, Masca: Zobrazte recenze, články a fotografi z Masca Walk na webu Tripadvisor. Isabel García said that one always had to bear unforeseen developments in mind given the terrain and multiple competencies – the little jetty, for example, is under Costas jurisdiction, and this must be fully operational before any of the walk can be returned to the public domain. I am asking because I was speaking today to some walkers who have booked a trip into the barranco with a tour company on Saturday. Hi Janet, have you heard anything about the re-opening of the barranco? Barranco de Masca Un ravin parmi les fermes et la flore endémique Situé sur le côté Nord-est de l'île de Tenerife, dans la commune de Buenavista du Nord, le ravin de Masca traverse l'une des zones les plus anciennes des Îles Canaries, avec sept millions d'années d'histoire. We walked it under these conditions in Feb 2017 and it made the going far more difficult. There’s been at least one incident since the route was closed where walkers had to be rescued from the ravine. 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