She was crowned empress at Tortona in Lombardy by Pope John VIII in 877. He succeeded his father in 879 as LOUIS III King of the West Franks. He married Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122-1204) 22 July 1137 JL in Bordeaux, France. Stuart, Roderick W. Royalty for Commoners, The Complete Known Lineage of John of Gaunt, Son of Edward III, King of England, and Queen Philippa. Pepin of Herstal, 635 - 714, 1st son of Ansegisel – Duke of the Franks, 10. Louis VII, byname Louis The Younger, French Louis Le Jeune, (born c. 1120—died Sept. 18, 1180, Paris), Capetian king of France who pursued a long rivalry, marked by recurrent warfare and continuous intrigue, with Henry II of England.. Under the division of imperial territories agreed under the Treaty of Verdun 11 Aug 843, he became CHARLES II “le Chauve” King of the West Franks. Pepin the Short, 714 - 768, 2nd son of Charles Martel – Duke of the Franks, 12. By the first wife his issue were four sons, Lewis II, his successor; Lotharius, who died young; Charles, murdered in 866; and Carolamanus, who had his eyes put out in 871. Last Edited=1 Nov 2009. Louis II[1] dit « le Bègue » (né le 1er novembre 846, mort le 11 avril 879 à Compiègne) est roi des Francs de 877 à 879. Located 280 yards from le Sénat and the Jardin du Luxembourg, Hotel Louis 2 is a 13-minute walk from Notre Dame Cathedral. He fled to Ludwig II "der Deutsche" King of the East Franks. Flodoard names "Rothildis, amitæ suæ [regis Karoli], socrus autem Hugonis" when recording that the king deprived her of "abbatiam…Golam" [Chelles] in favour of his favourite Haganon, the context dictating that "Hugonis" was "Hugo filius Rotberti"[265]. Emperor Charles II & his second wife had five children: 11. Louis IV, Transmarinus, 920-954, 1st son of Charles III – King of France, 18. In 1131 Louis was anointed as successor to his father, Louis VI, and in 1137 he became the sole ruler at his father’s death. aka Hludovich II of the WEST FRANKS; `the Stammerer'; `le Begue' Born: 846 Died: 10 Apr 879. Louis II de Bourbon, 4 e prince de Condé, byname the Great Condé, French le Grand Condé, also called duc d’Enghien, (born Sept. 8, 1621, Paris, France—died Dec. 11, 1686, Fontainebleau), leader of the last of the series of aristocratic uprisings in France known as the Fronde (1648–53). Ancestors are … From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He succeeded his father in 877 as LOUIS II "le Bègue" King of the West Franks, and LUDWIG III King of West Lotharingia, crowned at Compiègne 8 Dec 877 and at Troyes 7 Sep 878 by Pope John VIII. Fourth Edition. Ansbertus, 520 - 590, son of Ferreolus, 7. CHARLES, son of Emperor LOUIS I "le Pieux" & his second wife Judith [Welf] (Frankfurt-am-Main 13 Jun 823-Avrieux or Brides-les-Bains, Savoie 6 Oct 877, bur Nantua Abbey, transferred to église de l'abbaye royale de Saint-Denis). He married first in 842 Ermintrudis, daughter of Odo, Count of Orleans, and daughter of Bovinus, Count of Aldemir Walde in France, by whom he had an only surviving daughter, Judith, first married to Ethelwolf, King of England; secondly in 857, to her stepson, King Ethelbald; and thirdly in 862, to Baldwin I, Count of Flanders. Louis II de France: Deutsch: Ludwig II. Louis was the fourth child of King Louis VIII and his queen, Ansegisel, 606 - 670, 2nd son of St Arnulf, 9. The Annales Bertiniani record the marriage in 842 of "Ermendrud neptem Adalardi comitis" and "Karolus" at "Carisiacum palatium"[228]. He was … He married Alice de Champagne (1140-1206) 13 November 1160 JL . (Andre Castelot, Histoire de La France, Tome 1, Page 387). Twin with Pepin. He die d 16 months later while making preparations to reprimand Be rnard, Duke of Septimanie. He was an ally of Bertrand du Guesclin, the Breton-French hero, and a staunch supporter of John II of France; when John was taken prisoner by the English at Poitiers, Bourbon became one of the hostages delivered to the English as a … 4. Louis II s'est fait érigé ce palais somptueux qui reflète sa personnalité. (1) He married, firstly, Ansgarde de Bourgogne in 862. The Genealogica Arnulfi Comitis names (in order) "Hludovicum Karolum Karlomannum et Hlotharium" as the four sons of "Karolus imperator…ex Hyrmentrudi regina"[252]. The Annales S. Benigni Divisionensis record the death "Non Dec 884" of "Karlomannus rex"[301]. Charles the Bald, 823 - 877, 4th son of Louis the Pious – King of France, 16. at. Com a sua morte, os seus reinos foram divididos entre dois dos seus filhos, Carlomano e Luís III. (Frankreich) Nederlands: Lodewijk de Stamelaar: Louis the Stammerer Carolingian, King of Aquitaine, King of Western Francia, was born 1 November 846 to Charles the Bald (823-877) and Ermentrude d'Orléans (830-869) and died 10 April 879 of unspecified causes. The charter dated 929 subscribed by "Hugonis comitis filii Rotgerii comitis" suggests that Rothildis must have been the wife of Roger[264]. ), king of Francia Occidentalis (the West Frankish kingdom) from 877 until his death. He was suspected of having helped his sister Judith elope with Comte Baudouin and was obliged to flee in 861. Charles, 945- , 2nd son of Louis IV – Duke of Loraine, 19. The princes de Condé were the heads of an important French branch of the House of Bourbon. To the older son went Francia and Neustria; and to the younger went Bourgogne, Aquitaine and the Marche of Spain. m secondly (858) ÆTHELBALD King of Wessex, son of ÆTHELWULF King of Wessex & his [second] wife Osburga --- (-20 Dec 860, bur Sherborne). Louis VI, the son of Philip I and Bertha of Holland, was born in Paris, the 1st of December 1081. Also Known As: Louis "Le Begue". From Encyclopedia Britannica Online, article titled "Louis II:". Blanche de France b. the Bald, Roman emperor and king of the West Franks, and was born on the 1st of November 846. Louis Philippe Joseph d'Orléans was the son of Louis Philippe d'Orléans, Duke of Chartres, and Louise Henriette de Bourbon.Philippe was a member of the House of Orléans, a cadet branch of the French royal family.His mother came from the House of Bourbon-Condé.. Philippe was born at the Château de Saint-Cloud, one of the residences of the Duke of Orléans, five kilometers west of Paris.His older sister, born … Skip to main content. Louis II de Scarpone de Charpeigne, comte de Montbeliard: Also Known As: "Louis de Scarpone", "Count of Montbeliard", "Louis de Scarpone /Count of Montbeliard/" Birthdate: circa 1019: Birthplace: Mousson, Alsace, France: Death: between August 29, 1071 and 1076 (47-61) Montbeliard,Doubs,Franche-Comte,France Immediate Family: Louis XII, né le 27 juin 1462 au château de Blois et mort le 1 er janvier 1515 à Paris, surnommé le « Père du peuple » par les états généraux de 1506, est roi de France de 1498 à 1515.. Durant son règne, il se lance dans les guerres d'Italie, notamment la troisième et la quatrième et, au plan intérieur, la réforme de la justice et des impôts. Comte du Maine 897. 3. The Genealogica Arnulfi Comitis names (in order) "Iudith et Hildegardim, Hirmintrudim et Gislam" as the four daughters of "Karolus imperator…ex Hyrmentrudi regina"[258]. At a council at Troyes in 878, the Pope attempted to force Louis to take up the role of defender of the papacy, but Louis refused. Louis II de Bourbon, né le 4 février 1337, mort au château de Montluçon le 10 août 1410, fut duc de Bourbon de 1356 à 1410, baron de Combrailles en 1388 et comte de Forez par mariage. Twin with Drogo. m (862, annulled 863) as her second husband, ---, widow of HUMBERT Comte [de Bourges], daughter of ---. Louis II Karlsson Roi de France Louis II le Bègue Louis II Roi de France Louis Karlsson le Bègue Louis Karlsson Roi de France Louis le Bègue Louis Roi de France : Gender. Condé is particularly celebrated for his triumphs in the Thirty Years' War, notably at Rocroi, and his campaigns against the Grand Alliance in the Franco-Dutch War. Charlemagne, 744 - 814, 1st son of Pepin the Short – King of France, Emperor, 13. U.S. President [WASHINGTON] 's 24-Great Grandfather. LOUIS (1 Nov 846-Compiègne 10 Apr 879, bur Compiègne, église collégiale Saint-Corneille). ), king of Francia Occidentalis (the West Frankish kingdom) from 877 until his death.. Louis, the son of King Charles II the Bald, was made king of Aquitaine under his father’s tutelage in 867. The Annales Bertiniani record that in 875 "Richildis uxor eius [=Karoli]" gave birth to a child "noctu ante quartam feriam paschæ" which died immediately after being baptised[272]. Having made extensive … PEPIN ([872/73]-[873/74], bur Abbaye de Saint-Amand, Flanders). von Bismarck's 26-Great Grandfather. He was rejected by the church by judgment of the bishops meeting at Senlis in 873. His residence was at Bourges. "By his first wife Bona, daughter of Ricuinus, Duke in the Moselle, who was murdered in 945, he had Otho I, Duke of Loraine; and by his second Agnes of Vermandois, Troyes and Meaux (by his wife Edgina, daughter of Edward the elder, King of England, and widow of Charles the Simple, King of France, before-mentioned) he had two sons, Lewis, of Loraine, Count or Landgrave of Thuringia, now called Hesse, who continued the Line in Germany; and Charles (by some called Hugh) who was father of Wigerius, or Wigman, whose two sons Balderic and Wigerius went from Germany into Normandy, to serve Duke Richard II in his wars. Birth of Carloman II, king of Western Francia, "Luiz", "Ludvig II", "the Stammerer", "Louis le Bègue", "Lodewijk II", "Louis II "The Stammerer" \\of France", "The Stammerer //", "de Stamelaar", "The /Stammerer/", "de stotteraar", "The German", "le Bègue", "il Balbo", "The Stammerer", "Louis the Stammerer", "Louis II", "Louis II "T...", King of France, Head of State, Rey de Francia Occidental, Roi de Francks, Rei da França Ocidental, King, Roi de France (877-879), KING OF FRANCE, EMPEROR, 'STAMMERER', King of the West Franks from October 6, 877 to April 10, 879, King of Western Francia. Afin de se rallier des partisans, Louis prodigue alors de nombreux cadeaux et promesses, et finalement Richilde elle-même consent à sa succession. (2) He was the son of Charles I, Roi de France and Ermentrude d'Orléans. Wm. Elected King of Aquitaine in Oct 855 at Limoges, and crowned. Geni requires JavaScript! Online, Denier sous Louis II dit le Bègue.jpg 2,773 × 1,380; 314 KB. The Annales Bertiniani record the death in early 877 of "filius eius [=Karoli]…Karolus" and his burial at Saint-Denis[273]. Louis II de Bourbon-Condé, Prince de Condé. He married the niece of Gilbert, Earl of Brion in Normandy [1], and daughter of Richard de Clare [2], Earl of Clare, by whom he had seven daughters and six sons. Louis had hoped to redistribute offices of state but was frustrated by the Frankish magnates, who had accepted him as king on the condition that he respect their possessions and rights.". The Annales Bertiniani record the death "866 III Kal Oct in villa secus Bosentiacas" of "Karoli filius Karolus et Aquitanorum rex" two years after suffering severe brain injuries, and his burial "in ecclesia sancti Sulpitii apud Biturigum"[245]. 2. HM Margrethe II's 28-Great Grandfather. His father had him blinded and imprisoned at the monastery of Corbie in 873. Louis XII, from 1465 to 1498 duc d’Orléans, also called (from 1506) Father of the People or French Père du Peuple, (born June 27, 1462, Blois, France—died January 1, 1515, Paris), king of France from 1498, noted for his disastrous Italian wars and for his domestic popularity.. Flodoard names "Rotrudi" when recording her election as abbess of "monasterii Sanctæ Crucis et Sanctæ Radegundis" but does not give her parentage[262]. For the affiliation of Balderic to Wigman a circumstantial case can be made as follows: a) Balderic married a grand-daughter of Gilbert, Count of Brion, which may indicate that he was of gentle birth. The Genealogica Arnulfi Comitis names (in order) "Iudith et Hildegardim, Hirmintrudim et Gislam" as the four daughters of "Karolus imperator…ex Hyrmentrudi regina"[260]. His father awarded him the duchy of Mans and part of Neustria and arranged his betrothal in Feb 856, from which time he seems to have received the title king. The sheet is 30 cm by 21 cm. Carloman was second successor to die, Dec. 12, 884, succeded by Charles the Simple, his half-brother (a child of five). Il se marie en premières noces en 862 à Ansgarde de Bourgogne (qu'il aurait enlevée à l'abbaye de Chelles[4]), qui lui donne deux fils, Louis III et Carloman II, et trois filles, Gisèle, Hildegarde et Ermentrude. As the paternal aunt of King Charles III, chronology determines that she must have been the daughter of her father's second marriage, although no source has so far been identified which states this to be the case. 3. Marriage 1 *Isabella of ARAGON b: 1247 in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Her marriage was not recognised by the church which did not accept her husband's separation from his first wife. She retreated to Chelles in 922 but was deprived of the monastery by her nephew Charles III "le Simple" King of the West Franks in favour of his favourite Haganon, an event which led to the rebellion of Robert Marquis en Neustrie who was the father of Rothilde's son-in-law (Hugues, later "le Grand" Duc des Francs)[266]. Louis II de Bourbon-Condé, Prince de Condé was born in 1621. LOUIS [Hludowic], son of CHARLES I King of the Franks & his second wife Hildegard (Chasseneuil-du-Poitou {Vienne} [16 Apr/Sep] 778-island in the Rhine near Ingelheim 20 Jun 840, bur Metz, église abbatiale de Saint-Arnoul). He married Constance of Castile (c1140-1160) 1154 JL . King Carloman donated property at the request of comte Rodbert for the soul of "Gislæ sororis nostræ eiusque uxoris in comitatu Trecassino" by charter dated to [11 Apr 879/12 Dec 884], the original of which is lost[294]. Louis II, also called Louis Of Mâle, French Louis De Mâle, Dutch Lodewijk Van Male, (born Nov. 29, 1330, Mâle Castle, near Bruges, Flanders—died Jan. 30, 1384, Saint-Omer, Flanders), count of Flanders, Nevers, and Réthel (1346–84), who, by marrying his daughter Margaret to the Burgundian duke Philip the Bold (1369), prepared the way for the subsequent union of Flanders and Burgundy.. He obliged the Saxons and all other Heathens, whom he conquered to receive the Christian faith, and so made the grand revolution of Europe. ERMENTRUDIS (-after 11 Jul 877). The Annales S. Benigni Divisionensis record the birth of "Karolus filius Ludowici" in Frankfurt "Idus Iun 824"[223]. Media in category "Louis II of France" The following 15 files are in this category, out of 15 total. If Lodge is right that Balderic is descended from Louis IV, then the following line of descent from the Franco-Roman senator Ferreolus and his father and grandfather, both also Ferreolus, can be claimed: 1. Louis III and Carloman agreed a division of their territories at Amiens in Mar 880, Louis receiving the northern part of the kingdom, Francia and Neustria. Comme ce mariage avait été contracté sans la volonté de son père, ce dernier oblige Louis à répudier Ansgarde. He was one of Louis XIV's most pre-eminent generals. He later became one of King Louis XIV’s greatest generals. (1) He died in 1686 Sacré une deuxième fois par le pape Jean VIII, lors du concile de Troyes le 7 septembre 878[Mermet 2], il demeure un roi sans pouvoir, dominé par la puissance de l'aristocratie. Déplaisant énormément aux vassaux bretons, cet arrangement est peut-être une des raisons du mécontentement et du complot qui entraînent l'assassinat du roi breton l'année suivante. These entries could refer alternatively to Rothildis, daughter of Emperor Charlemagne, but it is more likely that the former entry would have referred to her father as "imperator" if that was the case. A settlement was reached at Meerssen in Aug 870 under which Charles received the Meuse valley, Lyonnais, Viennois and Vivarais, declaring himself king of Lotharingia in 869. Ligue 1. Married: 28 MAY 1262 in Château de Vincennes, Vincennes, Île-de-France, France Children. m ROBERT Comte Palatin de Troyes, son of EUDES Comte de Châteaudun, later Comte de Troyes & his wife Wandilmodis --- (-killed in battle Troyes Feb 886). Odeon Metro Station with direct services to Chatelet and Gare de Lyon is 700 feet away. Charles, his nephew, should in right, have succeeded him, but was excluded by Hugh Capet, chosen by the French, upon a dislike of Duke Charles’s living out of the kingdom, and espousing the German interests on all occasions, preferable to those of France. Le 10 février 856 à Louviers2, son père négocie ses fiançailles avec une fille d'Erispoë, roi de Bretagne, et lui concède alors le duché du Mans3. Her death is dated to late 928/early 929 as Flodoard names "Rothildis…nuper defunctæ" when recording that "Heribertus et Hugo comites" (specifying that "Hugo" was "gener ipsius Rothildis") attacked "Bosonem Rodulfi regis frater" in 929 over the property of Rothilde[267]. The Obituaire de Notre-Dame de Paris records the death "Non Aug" of "Ludovicus rex Francie"[292]. 1240, d. 1243 "Charles III, called the Simple, was born the year his father died; succeeded to the kingdom of France in 893, and died 7 October 929; having married first in 907 Frederunna, who died without issue in 918; and secondly, in that year Edgina, daughter of Edward, the elder, King of England, by whom he had Lewis IV, named Transmarinus, or De Outre-Mer, born in 920, King of France in 936, and died 15 October 954. On the death of his father, he became King of the Franks of the West. 814–840 Louis I (not a king of 'France') 840–877 Charles II (the Bald) 877–879 Louis II (the Stammerer) 879–882 Louis III (joint with Carloman below) 879–884 Carloman (joint with Louis III above, until 882) 884–888 Charles the Fat; 888–898 Eudes (also Odo) of Paris (non-Carolingian) 898–922 Charles III (the Simple) Married between 868 and 869: Adelaide=Adelheid de Paris, daughter of Adalhard, Count de Paris. Ancestral Roots of Sixty Colonists Who Came to New England Between 1623 and 1650. Il est le fils du comte Louis Ier et de la comtesse de Bourgogne et d'Artois Marguerite Ire (1310-1382), fille cadette du roi … He married Ansgarde of Burgundy (826-c881) circa 875 JL. The Betrothed (11 Sep 878) to [ENGELBERGA], daughter of BOSO Comte de Vienne [later King] & his. But after a glorious reign over France of 46 years, over Italy of 40 years, over Germany of 29 years, and as Western Emperor 14 years, he was seized with a fever 1 January 814, and died on the 24th having issue by his first wife Hildegardis, whom he married in 768, and who died in 783, three sons and eight daughters, whereof. From 21 January 1793 to 8 June 1795, Louis XVI's son Louis-Charles was the titular King of France as Louis XVII; in reality, however, he was imprisoned in the Temple throughout this duration, and power was held by the leaders of the Republic.Upon Louis XVII's death, his uncle (Louis XVI's brother) Louis-Stanislas claimed the throne, as Louis XVIII, but only became de facto King of France in 1814.. First Republic … We speak English and 43 other languages. Il eut également plusieurs enfants illégitimes : D'autres liaisons, Louis de Bourbon eut d'autres enfants naturels: AKA: Louis II, King d'Aquitaine. However, he is presumably assuming co-identity between Eudes, brother of Ansgardis, and Eudes Comte de Troyes, father of Comte Robert, which does not appear to be correct. He was installed as King of Aquitaine in Mar 867, following the death of his brother Charles[277]. This triggered the revolt of his older half-brothers in Mar 830, when they captured their father at Compiègne and forced him to revert to the constitutional arrangements decided in 817. The necrology of Reims Saint-Rémi records the death "III Non Oct" of "Karolus Calvus rex Francorum"[227]. Father: *Louis IX of FRANCE b: 25 APR 1214 in Poissy, France . 3. He was crowned with his brother Carloman in Sep 879 at the Abbaye de Ferrières-en-Gâtinais. Saint Arnulf of Metz, 582 - 640, son of Arnoald, 8. m firstly (Mar 862, repudiated [876/77]) ANSGARDIS, daughter of comte HARDUIN & his wife --- (-2 Nov [880/82]). Louis, the son of King Charles II the Bald, was made king of Aquitaine under his father's tutelage in 867. first marriage son-in-law of Louis XII King of France (Roi de France) ... 30 May 1574 • Son of Henry II • Younger brother of Francis II King of France (Roi de France) Henry III (Henri III) 30 May 1574: 2 August 1589 • Son of Henry II • Younger brother of Charles IX King of France (Roi de France) King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania (1573–1575) House of Bourbon (1589–1792) Edit. 1) Nicholas, surnamed de Bacqueville, who by the niece of Gunnora, Dutchess of Normandy, had two sons, William Martell, Earl Warren in Normandy (who left that surname to his posterity) created Earl of Surry by the Conqueror; and Walter de St Martin, the father of Roger, surnamed de Mortimer, who attended the conqueror, subdued Edrich, Earl of Shrewsbury, did thereupon enjoy Wigmore-Castle, and was ancestor to the Mortimers, ancient Barons of England, and to the Earls of March and Ulster. It was signed in 1684 at the Dominican convent at Ratisbon in Bavaria between Louis XIV of France on the one side and the Holy Roman Emperor, Leopold I, and the Spanish King, Charles II, on the other. The Annales Bertiniani record the marriage of "Iudit reginam" and "Adalboldus filius eius [=Edilvulf regis]" in 858 after the death of her first husband[239]. Born: in Nov 846 in Compiegne, Oise, Ile-de-France, France , son of Charles II, King de France and Ermentrude d'Orlean s . Louis the Stammerer at his coronation Bibliothèque nationale de France. His father restored Aquitaine to Pepin 15 Mar 834 at Quierzy-sur-Oise. Jackman[296] maintains that she must have been the daughter of his second marriage to avoid her being the first cousin of her husband, although this would mean that she was a child bride. Charles III "le Simple" King of the West Franks confirmed donations of property "in comitatu quoque Cœnomannico" made by "Hugo comes et mater sua Rothildis", at the request of "genitrix nostra Adeleidis et…comes Hugo consanguineus, necnon et…comes Ecfridus" by charter dated 1 Nov 900[263]. Louis II, byname Louis The Stammerer, French Louis Le Bègue, (born 846—died April 10, 879, Compiègne, Fr. In 865, Charles agreed with King Ludwig II "der Deutsche" the future division of the territories of Lothaire II King of Lotharingia, but on the latter's death in 869 Charles invaded Lotharingia and proclaimed himself CHARLES King of Lotharingia before Ludwig could assert his rights. Charles, 2nd son of Charles Duke of Loraine. HM Margrethe II's 28-Great Grandfather. (2) Louis Stanislas Xavier, styled Count of Provence from birth, was born on 17 November 1755 in the Palace of Versailles, a younger son of Louis, Dauphin of France, and his wife Maria Josepha of Saxony.He was the grandson of the reigning King Louis XV.As a son of the Dauphin, he was a Fils de France.He was christened Louis Stanislas Xavier six months after his birth, in accordance with Bourbon family … Asser records that when King Æthelwulf was dead, his son Æthelbald married Judith daughter of Charles king of the Franks "contrary to God's prohibition and the dignity of a Christian, contrary also to the custom of all the pagans…and drew down much infamy upon himself"[240]. Notable ancestors includeCharlemagne (747-814), Hugh Capet (c940-996), Alfred the Great (849-899). The Obituaire de Notre-Dame de Paris records the death "Non Oct" of "Irmentrudis regina uxor Caroli"[231]. Ludwig III recognised his cousins' sovereignty by the Treaty of Ribemont in Feb 880. He led the Seventh Crusade to the Holy Land in 1248–50 and died on another Crusade to Tunisia. Louis III and Carloman agreed a division of their territories at Amiens in Mar 880, Carloman receiving the southern part of the kingdom, Aquitaine and Burgundy[298]. Geneanet utilise des cookies à des fins de personnalisation de contenu dans ses différents services. The Gesta Francorum records the death "879 III Id Apr…apud Compendium…palatium" of "Hludowicus Karoli regis filius" and his burial in the same place[278]. Notable ancestors includeCharlemagne (747-814). Le 8 décembre 877[Mermet 1], il est couronné et sacré par l'archevêque Hincmar de Reims dans la chapelle palatine de l'abbaye Saint-Corneille de Compiègne. The Genealogica Arnulfi Comitis names (in order) "Hludovicum et Karlomannum et Hildegardim" as the children of "Hlodovicus rex…ex Ansgardi vocata regina"[297]. 7. "Je veux rester un mystère pour moi-même et pour les autres", affirmait-il. Birth of Louis III, king of Western Francia. The World's #1 Choice for Booking Accommodations $ Loading Pick your preferred language. Denier de Louis II à Toulouse.png 727 × 370; 475 KB. Louis VII / Louis Le Jeune, the Young (1120–18 September 1180), King of France from Dec 25 1137-1180; m. (1) Eleanor of Aquitaine. Ancestors are fromFrance, Belgium, Germany. The necrology of Argenteuil Priory records the death "VIII Id Dec" of "Karlomannus rex"[302]. He was sent to Luxembourg where he became Abbot of Echternach in 874[251]. In 939 he married Gerberga, daughter of Henry I, styled the Fowler, Emperor of Germany, who took Loraine from Charles the Simple in 921, widow of Gislebert, Duke of Loraine, and by her, who died in 984, had two sons, Lotharius, King of France, born in 940; and Charles, Duke of Loraine, born in 945, which Dutchy was confirmed to him in 987 by Emperor Otho II, his cousin-german, he having got Lower-Loraine from the Emperor Otto I in 963, whereby he lost his succession to France; for, King Lotharius, his elder brother, dying in 986, and leaving by Lotharius, King of Italy, a son Lewis V, called the Slothful, who died the year after without issue, by his wife Blanca, daughter of William, Duke of Aquitaine, and was the last King of France of the Carolinian race.
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