Unfortunately I cannot… I was helping...”, “I'm a die-hard fan of the SRT-101 and SRT-102, but if...”, “I have had the Minolta X-700 for about 16 years and it...”, “A super camera even 20 years later. Hence I was very disappointed as I had taken good care of the X700. Page 1 INSTRUCTION MANUAL X-700 MINOLTA...; Page 2 X-700 right from start. One of the nice features of the Minolta cameras is the quick touch button built into the shutter release which means that metering starts from the moment you touch the button. This camera was made at a time when viewfinders were starting to be better equipped to display to the photographer more information about the picture they were taking and his camera is pretty well served in this area. Wonderful Experience Vintage camera reviews, repairs and photography blog. The light seals need changeing. I didn’t know about that before I removed the film in my copy so I didn’t see if it works, but I’ll check it when I run a test film through. by For example, the shutter speed/mode dial just to the right of the prism is easy enough to operate and has speeds from 1 sec to 1/1000 sec engraved + settings for Bulb, Aperture priority and Program mode. When the sound option is selected the camera gives an audible count down for the self timer and also beeps if the shutter speed at or less than 1/30th. Trying to get it in India. It sat in the case much of the time in the late 90's. It turns out that the shutter magnets went and once that happens you can get it fixed but it will keep happening every six months or so for the rest of your camera's life… by darval 7 (1 review written), The Minolta X-700 35mm SLR camera was produced for over 20 years until 2001. First 1000 made all black case… I know we are quite early in 2016 but I consider this camera to be one of the best buys I’ve made this year and I’m fairly confident I’ll still think that when we get to December. Read More, " Having a CLA would help for most if used outside alot or in dusty conditions… The odd thing is that in Manual mode you can’t see what shutter speed you are set to in the viewfinder. Kameraet tilbyder både blændeprioriteret automatik, samt fuld manuel mulighed. Learned from some web sites that this problem is be due to a bad capacitor. It weighs 17.5oz (520 g) Unlike amateur cameras like the $1,000 Nikon F100, the Minolta X-700 has a stainless steel lens mount. Then noticed a nylon bag, Tamrac. (6 reviews written), The Minolta X-700 is a Manual Focus SLR camera with 3 exposure control modes. Read Full Review, Written on: 06/05/2005 (1 review written), I had my X-700 freeze up on me after less than a year of use. Same sort of problems with the M 700. Written on: 09/08/2002 So, a couple of days after the auction ended a large box turned up and I ripped it apart to see if my investment had paid off. One for the circuitry and one for the shutter only. Your Minolta X-700, the state-of-the-art SLR camera at the center of the Minolta Program System, offers you the focus-and-shoot simplicity of programmed auto-exposure (AE) control: Both aperture and shutter speed are automatically set over a wide range by the camera, with continuous viewfinder LED readout of speeds being set. I looked at you site and you got some great pictures with yours! Read Full Review. Camera sent back for repair under warranty, then at the end of the SECOND film since repair, the wind on mechanism has jammed. Shutter speed and aperture are selected according to a preset chart. What film type is used in a Minolta X-700? (1 review written), I'm a die-hard fan of the SRT-101 and SRT-102, but if I had to select one single manual camera, I'd go for the X-700. But then again, as I mention in the bad points, I would still carry my SRT-101, just to make sure, if the batteries fail, I could still take photos without batteries with the SRT. by What I want to know is IS that normal?? , The body isn't that ruggadized as the SRT models but stable enough for daily use. Good for general photography and gives you control over the Depth Of Field (DOF). Bottom of the Minolta X-700 showing motor drive contacts and tripod socket. Still, I rewound the film and I’ll process it to see if there are any recoverable pictures. (1 review written), by Just be sure the metering system is good and you are sure to be pleased... unless you are lazy or a digital convert… Mine was made in Japan over sixteen years ago, and has performed flawlessly. Higher spec. Read Full Review. When I got home, inside was a Minolta X-700, with a 1262XXX serial number, Cosina… The exposure information is shown down the right hand side of the display and has a mode indicator at the top, which is one of P, A or M for Program, Aperture priority or Program mode, and then the range of shutter speeds. This happened after removing the film. You load a roll of film and it will not wind. The X-700 was an inexpensive and useful camera that encourages photography. Read Full Review, Written on: 29/05/2008 minolta dynax shoulder strap original. the new sony and old minolta auto focus lenses will not fit This is the second X series Minolta I own, having acquired an X-300 a few years ago. The shutter in the camera is a step less design and so will select exactly the speed required for the light entering the lens at the point of exposure. The same applies to digital, no batteries, no photos, so when out on a photo session, I make sure I have extra batteries, and my faithful SRT-101… dial, preview button, flash shoe,traditional cable relase screw, and lenses from 15mm[fisheye]-1000mm[telephoto] and a variety of macro lenses, adapters, couplers, and bellos… Asked if I could have that, sure. oniko The shutter release is not working. For use with long lenses the body could have more weight (balance)… I had it in Nepal, Pakistan, Iran and all over and it served me faithfully until 6 weeks ago at my sisters wedding the shutter jammed. Keep this manual for reference later as necessary.
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