"Tookie's Mistaken Identity; On the trail of the real founder of the Crips", L.A. Weekly, December 16–22, 2005. It is not as simple as you think. Isn’t there a better use of your talents? Snoop is a Man Of God! This is being done by the OG’s from the city who are telling him since he only wants to promote the city when banging 20’s .. Don't believe everything you read. Come on now…, Rt.. Snoop Pushin 50…leave him alone…he don’t owe yall Young niggas shit….get yo own…cry babies, It aint the young dudes thats on em tho lol. Gregory Kane: Snoop Dogg is a Crip. Nate Dogg, Warren G, the Twinz, never had problems with the homies, why, because they don’t make false promises. And thats White Privilege at its best… If you don’t know the situation, you shouldn’t speak on it. some express their sorrow visually and others just keep it to them selfs. I know generations banging for the same set. Lyrics to '10 Lil' Crips' by Snoop Dogg. Co signing with all of yall….Don’t yell black lives matter or fawk the police when you are promotinog death for the asinine reason of not paying a hood tax. A California rapper, who is also Snoop Dogg's cousin, has ordered Crips gang members to attack Kanye West for his vocal support of President Donald Trump. What about when you kill the wrong person or a innocent kid is it business as usual? And youj may not have directly done anything… But you benefit from the atrocities your ancestors committed against our people… I’ve Been coming Back to my hood in Sherwood in Jacksonville, Florida Duval county aka da bangem they love a pimp… I go back to my hood in Columbia, South Carolina and they love a pimp aka step daddy in the latiemer manner… This Dont Make Sense.. Let me get this straight …. big bbq to show love..he talkin about the LBC all the time..I actually like Snoop, why u let VIP records store go under? You have rappers, singers, producers, screenwriters, actors, and film makers in this “Hollywood Microcosm” that have dealt with Snoop and they say the same thing, Snoop will throw you a curve ball real quick. He does a lot in Long Beach by way of outreach with the ones that matter … CHILDREN. Funny. we call have a story to tell. POLY JACK RABBITS ALL THEWAY!!!! ? Crip Hop. “But you know why that came out. When you exploit the individuals you left behind, hey sometimes the chickens come home to roost! These niggas out there are really knocks and not OG’s Giving homies no guidance, no rules or regulations, on how maintain the hood accordingly, especially when alot of us grew up without a father figure. The anger comes from the lies the man has told and the way he has exploited the less fortunate. Especially you rapping about a murder case, drug trafficking, who is snitching…. I made the beat, I started putting spray cans on the beat.”. They approached Snoop and made it clear he had to bounce before things got “heated.”. Og’s ain’t keepin all they lil Rollin niggas books straight… So they need to look into the mirror and figure out who’s really in position to make a change.. A former resident or someone who’s there all the time. GTFOH! Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Amazon.com. Snoop, who grew up around Crips in Long Beach, continued the conversation by remembering how Pharrell forced him to rewrite his second verse on the song. That’s why… Mfs who ain’t in the life don’t understand the life… Me being in the life I hate it but the things I hate ain’t gon be the shit someone lookin from the outside would hate #SS48th til the world blowi done spoke up on it and these og’s is hoes… Tell them start jookin they lil niggas up wit uniforms and bus passes and lil shit they got off sellin dope in the neighborhood need to come back to the hood. Der Name Snoop war der Spitzname, den ihm seine Mutter wegen seiner Vorliebe für die Comicserie Die Peanuts gab. He and his ilk are responsible for glorifying this mentality, so he should deal with what he created. well he has the youth football league among plenty of other start-ups and youth groups in Long Beach, Only reason I know is because my lil cousins played football and put us on a lot of the programs he was doing giving back to the community. Be blessed. This is a pump up story. Understand the anger people, the one individual made a good point, “Nate Dogg, Warren G, and the Twinz never had a problem with the homies”. So what is good On-Page SEO?First your keyword must appear in the title.Then it must appear in the URL.You have to optimize your keyword and make sure that it has a nice keyword density of 3-5% in your article with relevant LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing). These guys are just standing around…”, “Waiting on a motherfucking hit record,” Snoop said, finishing Pharrell’s sentence. I was in there with all that Crip,” he remembered. The legendary Long Beach rapper was in his hometown with some security when members of the Rolling 20 Crips spotted him. Shit niggas in the hood don’t give me a dime so if I blow up do that mean I gotta give them anything??? SALUTE. Stay away from the ignorance snoop….just make good music and leave these hood tactics to niggas that will never know your tax bracket. Snoop Dogg gets back to his original roots in this song paying homage to his upbringing in the streets as a Crip in California. Let them bang on each other and when there is no one to fight the Mexicans, then we will see some real blood in the streets and ain’t no gubmint comin to save nggas. The album features the lead single, “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” which became the California rapper’s first No. Snoop Dogg, brings his line of comfort footwear to the world; house shoes, slide -in slippers and baby dogg slippers. It used to be about fighting for your rights because there is power in numbers. Those homo thugs crips want money because Snoop said their name? yeah 1 white guy would get jumped by about 30 niggas , the real enemy is down at city hall but these fools act like they dont know . Creative revolution in progress.. That fool love the Lord Amen ? "3's Company" Track Info Written By O.T. It is easy to sit and judge a life you know so little about… A lot of young black men as youths are bullied into gangs. Snoop Dogg. Why did he mention there name?!? That’s why Snoop came with security, ’cause he knows how hood negroes are. So do we!!!! So they gonna kill him. Genius previously broke down Snoop Dog’s legacy in hip-hop: Watch the full interview above, and catch up on all the lyrics to Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot” on Genius now. Do you see yourself living a long life being in a gang,is this something you would want your kids to be a part of,why or why not? Most gang members did time.. that is a world all to itself… No respect and Snoop was dumb to go back home. All these so called ghetto niggas are livin in gated communities, elite schools and European vacations. Snoop lies to the homies, and when he is with his lil private social circle, he laughs at how he got those individuals off his line. Snoop Dogg. It´s very sad to see how you blacks blame white people for your problems. You said, ‘Nah, you gotta write that over,’” Snoop recalled. Snoop Dogg had his ghetto pass officially revoked. GOOGLE WHAT Snoop dog has done you piece of ignorant human no good for anything snob who always likes to assume because you dont have a heart or the compassion to try and understand anyone. What do you say about people who want to live with their people but feel because of your lifestyle living somewhere else is smarter? Snoop lives in a mansion and his children go to private school. That means he decides what goes down through the entire Rollin 20's Crip Set. That describes 75% of the people who post here too. He has been married to Shante Taylor since June 12, 1997. Y ou aim for the palace and get drowned in the … He makes no secret of his gang past, his many trips to the county lockup, or his post-fame early 2000s stint as an actual pimp. He pays visit and sees bull shit? That's right AUTOMATICALLY, just watch this 4minute video for more information at. N***a claiming hood, claiming rolling 20 Crip…the homies want their kickback for that s**t.”, First of all, one of the reasons many rappers become who they are is to leave behind the environments they were born in. and yes he does before you even speak look up what he has done for the communities of longbeach and the surrounding communities. Not gang affiliated but I live in the LBC- Snoop is here ALL the time. if the person does not fit your view you will automatically label a person with out even knowing or trying to understand their intent. only cowards run in gangs anyway. [2] Snoop Dogg was born on October 20, 1971 in Long Beach, California, USA as Calvin Cordozar Broadus. I am impressed that a wire for this website used the word correspondent in a sentence. Today marks the 15th anniversary of R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece, Snoop Dogg’s first and only release on The Neptunes‘ Star Trak Entertainment imprint. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. I´m a proud white man, i´ve never stole nothing from no one, so stop blaming me. maybe not in checks but atleast by helping others comeup or make a shirt store like nippsey did. Make America Crip Again is the second extended play by American rapper Snoop Dogg. He Saved Sanctified And Filled With The Holy Ghost! On some real s*** my n**** Snoop Dogg is really from rollin 20s and its to the point where these young n***** just don’t understand what’s going on in a real n**** life you got money now so he can’t Jus’s go blastin a niggah head off”’, ‘He knew the little niggahs ain’t his homies that’s why he made that song wit Cyprus hill…. I don’t know what to call it now. Crip #HUNT 1.6M 659K 453K 720K Snoop Dogg had his ghetto pass officially revoked. “This gang banging s**t is real. Kicked “off” the hood? Yes Snoop Dogg is a Crip. Snoop has a platform but refuses to use it to stop the bloodshed between the two warring gangs, according to Flossy. It’s 2015, any black man or woman who is in a gang needs to stop killiong each other and realize who the real enemies are. 40 Clocc is reportedly associated with the Colton City Crips. You think they changed the way they think OR learned how to cover it up…. East Siders. Comparatively, R&G was a moderate success, debuting at No. I have seen him give kids money out of his own pocket and the jacket off of his back. Remember that. Gladys Knight: Aretha Franklin and I Shared the Same Disease, Nick Cannon Spills Tea on Drake and Kim Kardashian. Snoop was close friends with Stanley "Tookie" Williams, the co-founder of the Crips, and was even one of the last people to speak to the notorious gangster on the phone before his 2005 execution. Do you think when all is said is done being in a gang is a good decision?Would you say you are a follower or a leader? 6 on the Billboard 200 with 225,000 copies sold during its first week. Co sign everyone who actually still lives here and knows the deal. Well then the oh nigga’s need to go get something going for themselves so they can stop asking for handouts…. Snoop Dogg, Barbara Becnel and Minister Tony Muhammad speak at Rally, streetgangs.com, Alex A. Alonso, December 10, 2005. Black men gangbanging is just as stupid as black men who join the military. Man, please with the comments. Please explain. if you have not walked a mile in their shoes….. one last question why do y’all seem to love the Raiders,they suck,lol, Snoop responds: https://youtu.be/3nacs8d_Rkc, This happen with Monster Cody wrote his book, Eight Trays thought he should have royalties sent to their hood too, due to the content of his stories. Fuck twinkies anyways U can't use a hood and not put in the hood, either way it go niggas shouldnt depend on another nigga f*ck them foos that nigga snoop can pay for a hit man, U gotta give back!!! and Suge Knight was a well known Blood and the record label was affiliated with the mob "Piruz" who were Bloodz. His kids don’t go to private school , they go to public school in the walnut ,diamond bar school district and his pad isn’t all that huge , it’s an exclussive gated community in diamond bar my kids went to middle school with his son and daughter edjucate yourself before speaking otherwise you just sound ignorant, Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Instead of pointing fingers, judging your own like you really give a f*ck, start standing in front of Walmarts and get petitions to change the laws that will massively enslave by legal means the black males. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. He has been running a SUPER Successful football program for YEARS!!! “I did the first verse, then I did a second verse. In 1990, he was convicted of felony possession of drugs and possession for sale. The world will not change for you. [Hook: Snoop Dogg] Ten little Crip niggas runnin outside All from the turf and they bangin out lives Far from a scrub cuzz from the Eastside Where they don't die they just multiply CRIPS: Snoop Dogg – Rollin’ 20’s Crips Goldie Loc – Rollin’ 20’s Crips Warren G – Rollin’ 20’s Crips Nate Dogg – Rollin’ 20’s Crips The Dove Shack – Rollin’ 20’s Crips Kurupt – Rollin’ 60’s Crips CJ Mac – Rollin’ 60’s Crips Kieta Rock – Rollin’ 60’s Crips Tha Comradz – Rollin’ 60’s Crips These niggas hold you to your word, it maybe ghetto and other adjectives, but it is a away of life. They approached Snoop and made it clear he had to bounce before things got “heated.” Ruiz…You live a very Sheltered life if you dont know the history of this counrty… Snoop rap about going to college, becoming engineers and doctors, fathers and mentors instead of criping and pimping, he won’t because he knows positive rap does not sell. Stay banging on wax and you will have problems. and he donated so much to poly foot ball team !! Naw, f*ck that. Nipsey selling 100 cds and high priced clothes and semi interesting flows…Thats them old bitter street niggas talkin down on snoop, charging up the battery in all the young dudes back. The two largest African-American street gangs in Long Beach, who are mortal enemies. Snoop dogg has a forked tongue. 99th Paxton JMG GD Chi-Towns Finest. What was the point of him even going back to the hood!? And you’d think he would know firsthand that rapping a lyric about certain gangs they’re looking for their royalties. Genasis and October London, among others, with production from Kid Capri and Dâm-Funk , among others. Haters just mad he made a life outta nothing! These are not the young kids looking for money.. In my country there was a civil war, a lot of people were killed and we are not saying 24/7 "oh I hate this people blablabla they destroyed my life blablabla" we just got balls and raise our children, and we don´t beat our women. Snoop Dogg shut your motherf*ckin’ mouth and stop lying to the homies and exploiting them, and maybe you can come back home. SNOOP Dogg today denied threatening CBS host Gayle King in a furious rant over the late NBA legend Kobe Bryant. Most Yall Niggas Don’t Know Shit About Shit….Snoop Bout Dat Life…He A OG And Them Nuthing Ass Niggas Need To Put In Their Own Work For Their Hood…Who The Fuck Are They To Tax Snoop…Hating Ass Niggas…Just By The Way They Came At Him Should Tell Snoop To Get In His Mafia Top Because Its Not About Him Giving…. “It was like 40 Crips in there, dark blued out.”, Snoop Dogg Originally Wrote “Nuthin’ But A ‘G’ Thang” To A Different Beat, Snoop Dogg Calls TDE “A Better Version Of Death Row”, Eminem Once Passed On A Joint Tour With 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, & Snoop Dogg, catch up on all the lyrics to Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot”. Fucc no if I do it’s out of love and they luccy to get that, You must ride in the car alone then, huh crip. He has no business going back to the hood unless he’s helping better the community with outreach programs for the youth. “‘Nigga, you gave JAY-Z some hits. He dont give a dumb nigga looking for a hand out kus hes from the set. The whole thing is very simple if you understand these “Streets”….Snoop is simply trying to be chummy with the ones that are putting in work so he can set it all up to start filming the Dogg Pound Movie in their backyard and they are simply “Taxing” him for the privilege to do so…If you don’t understand this process then you don’t understand the politics of gangbanging…. 20’s LBC is a brand that has value, obviously otherwise Snoop wouldn’t use it…with that in mind there has to be an environment where they can benifet …buy an ampm and let them work it…. You are cutting your gifts short. They know their role. pshh i went to school with snoop dog son!!! Other famous rappers who are Crips include Nate Dogg… Tha Blue Carpet Treatment [Clean] 2006. Trust me. Only gang members from N.W.A was Eazy-E and MC Ren. Absent fathers in the homes, will cause an OG to raise your son.. Because you mad about paying child support. 20 października 1971 w Long Beach) – amerykański raper, piosenkarz, aktor i malarz.Do 1998 roku znany jako Snoop Doggy Dogg, a od 2012 roku używa także pseudonimu Snoop Lion w kontekście swojej twórczości reggae i Snoopzilla przy współpracy z muzykiem o pseudonimie Dâm-Funk. I just want to know since it appears you like killing and gangs seem to be everywhere,why is George Zimmerman still breathing and others like him,why not wreak havoc in white communities. Snoop is far removed from gang banging but if he still wants to hang with these dogs..he will get up with fleas. Hes all about peace. A sone point niggas gotta grow up. They are waiting for you at the jails an morgues. we all act a certain way because of the pains of our past. U don’t ever 4get where u came from..and especially the O.G’s who showed u how to get yo grind on…yeah he had a snoop ftball program, came 2 Poly a few times..yall got this fucked up..they don’t want dis niggaz money…how many times has he thrown. He is an actor, known for Turbo (2013), Training Day (2001) and Baby Boy (2001). Why does Snoop even have to go to LBC where he clearly have not lived for several years? This is ghetto extortion. HIGH BLACK CRIME RATE…. At what point do you allow rap to continue misrepresenting you? They are fearful when blacks group up, get peaceful, loud and unified. Get Dogg one.’ You pulled that motherfucking rabbit out your hat.”, Pharrell further described the gang members' effect on creating the song. Los Angeles police suspect rapper Snoop Dogg is still a member of the city’s notorious Crips street gang.. so stop being ignorant and please try to understand other humans. I say stick to Will Smith Corny Ass music if you wanna play safe. Snoop, who grew up around Crips in Long Beach, continued the conversation by remembering how Pharrell forced him to rewrite his second verse on the song. Lmao snoop aint bangn hes a business and a family man. Most of the killings in the community it is said is because of people in gangs ,if that is indeed true, why and for what? No longer are backlinks and simply pinging or sending out a RSS feed the key to getting Google PageRank or Alexa Rankings, You now NEED On-Page SEO. That’s why it ain’t cool to go back home. Ijs. It ain’t Hollywood, and all that s**t n***a talk about during the songs,” Corde says in his post,  “He ain’t live that s**t.”, “They really want their money though. and supposedly the south side Compton Crips were the one that killed 2pac (Snoops good friend) after the incident in the casino. Police will start most of these gang wars, stupid. Called Vato…. Telling him if he not gonna do nothing more than just come to the city to shoot videos and have all the kids in the street gangbanging he needs to do more. After Snoop described the unintelligible lyrics Pharrell used while creating the song, the Virginia Beach native recalled the tense atmosphere in the studio. Women got ALOT of problems that they seem to be working on, but for the community to grow, niggas gotta start taking responsibility. Snoop you know you got love in the Chi. yeah warren g made more albumsd like daz, kurupt, and dpg but their glory days was before pac died. | iHeartRadio by Gregory Kane | August 23, 2009 12:00 AM Print this article. July 8th The Game, Snoop Dogg and Problem joined together in an effort to bring focus on unity between the Bloods and Crips. “Niggas” have all the energy to fight our own, kill our own, but yet i bet if a white guy came to the hood every one wont do shit. In 1993, Snoop Dogg was charged with first-degree murder after a member of a rival gang was shot and killed by Snoop's bodyguard, who fired the shot while in the then 21-year-old rapper's vehicle. The same store be recorded his first demo tape in.. It’s about looking out for your community and making it better rather than come just to show people how “hood” it is. But when we do the same to you…. SMH lmfao, Snoop past 40 why is heveven talking bout gangbanging but then again snoop owes them dudes nothing since hes a crip juat a bunch of young dudes tyring to get paid whites dont go through this nobody made justinbieber pay or iggy azeula, that is the negro mentality in a nutshell , they hate to see you doing better than them. Street kids with f*cked up parents, end up being raised on the streets. This is straight from the 20 crip OG’s .. That are tired of seeing these young kids shootin each other and not having anything else to do. The Super Crip and Gangsta Luv rapper, 48, insisted he is “non-violent” a… Have several seats please!!! The OG’s that snoop came up with in the city that were his big homies. Is there like a hood accountant that figures out what you owe? You cannot win this battle you are fighting. Get real he ain’t no dummies I would only give bacc to da real niggahs i f*ck wit’ he know who da real niggahs is and who’s da fake niggahs from da hood… One thing he ain’t is a fake studio gangsta. But you bang yo set til death… Daz his first Cuzzin still be over there (Rollin) and his grandma still stay there.. FOH… I’m on these og’s head… When the last time they bought 1 of they lil homies a bus pass to get to school. However, the album was still certified Platinum within a month. Glad snoop didnt fight even though he got money and guns he dont need murder cases he got to realize his music help create this mentality these young cats dont care. [Intro: Snoop Dogg] West Coast, it's time to stand up nigga We gon' unite 'round this motherfucker one time I'm callin' every real Crip nigga And every real B-Dogg, to the table right now The record store he shot his first video on top of needed 5k to stay open and the owner asked snoop to help and he didn’t.. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, as well as Grammy nominations for Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group. Especially the OG’s that did time ” behind the walls”.. mentality is the same.. you pay taxes. The legendary Long Beach rapper was in his hometown with some security when members of the Rolling 20 Crips spotted him. CRAB KiLLin On The DaiLy, Fuck this bitch ass broke mother f*ckers do show shit instead of robbing people wait tell u run up on the wrong mf u will end up dead ain’t no telling who u really f*cking with u might be f*cking with a stone cold killa 187 on ur ass no hesitation, You can run with the wolves then eat without them…that’s how they turn on you…point blank period, Warren g is just snoops employee he makes albums nobody buys cept liyal fans who remembers the nineties the twinz however only made one album they bern played out snoop has an entire roster he dropped doggys angelz abd eastsi. Why the og nigga gotta say something now tho. Natalac. Retrieved December 21, 2005. Damn I didn’t know you had to pay hood royalties once you make it big? He promises individuals champagne and caviar, but has not one intention on delivering the promises he actually makes to his so-called homeboys. They were kelly park compton crips. We need unity don’t you agree,your brother and sister isn’t your real enemy don’t you agree? You were there in the room,” Pharrell said. Why is old ass Snoop still gang affiliated anyway?!? If he was there with Carloads of security as stated he wasnt worried too muCh. Wow! point blank! He also has an OG (Original Gangster) status. There are a lot of communities around the world which has suffer a lot, and they don´t blame no one. Shortly after graduating from high school, Broadus was arrested for possession of cocaine and for the following three years was frequently in and out of prison. Supposedly you guys and gals are the main dealers of drugs.Why are you helping them to destroy our communities again if true. [1] 2012 gab er bekannt, nun Reggae anstatt Rap zu machen und sich Snoop Lion z… He either needs to come and help put that money back into it since since day one he’s been the poster child for the kids in the city to gang bang.. And since he hasn’t done anything for the city he doesn’t need to be in it period or use a gang he hasn’t been around in over 20 years. Not stand around an encourage it.Gang members you need to listen an listen well. Them og’s is wrong then… And I’m pretty sure there’s a line to snoop to get funding for anything they really need… Some hoe ass og’s is what that is, He has tried his best to put out LBC talent over the years……….It just aint there “I was reading the room. Bang on those pigs instead, but they are too scared. the most dangerous place for a black person is amongst other black people . Not scared but don’t want no bs to happen?. Snoop a OG. You become a dentist, i become a burger flipper , but cause we friends you get my check too? Had to be the young bucks. Black Community = The WACK Community !!!! Again I ask this with respect but as a Black man please help me understand why you are helping them destroy our communities for a color? It’s all love . U Cant please ur whole Hood and mutha fuCCaz always wantin hand outs. Seo Plugin. and he went to public school!!! [1] It features guest appearances from Chris Brown , O.T. Black on black racism is strong but yet no one wanna talk about that. You should have relevant usage of Bold and italics of your keyword.There should be one internal link to a page on your blog and you should have one image with an alt tag that has your keyword….wait there's even more Now what if i told you there was a simple WordPress plugin that does all the On-Page SEO, and automatically for you? And DONT FORGET… Alot of the SAME people that passed Jim Crow laws are STILL ALIVE…. +This might be my only chance to ask this .with much respect as a Black man why do you guys feel it is necessary to live as you do? okay for real! He then recited the opening four lines of his rewritten verse: After Snoop praised The Neptunes' work on the song, Pharrell credited his production partner Chad Hugo for adding the synthesizer drop that Snoop described as “the candle on the cake.”. I want to thank the triple OG ‘ for coming through and letting everybody know what’s really good! He exploits them by glamorizing the gangbangin lifestyle and leading our youth down the wrong road. At the end of the day we’re trying to make shit happened in our end. Not run around with 20 guys acting like you tough.Please, Holla at me by youself.Talking tough to someone when you have a group of guys with you is easy.Makes you look brave. You have NO clue what you talkin about straight up, therefore shouldnt be speakin up onit. Only a fool would attempt to raise a family in the hood. Males gotta grow up and start acting like men by making better decisions. They still there… And you only supposed to pay the set off money made in the set… WTF was niggas supposed to start payin outta 9-5 paycheck dues n shit… FREEZE. Hood correspondent, Crischon Corne, was on hand for the incident and posted about it on Facebook. Snoop Dogg (* 20. I personally watched u on the roof of VIP doing a video.. Alot of OG’s don’t really put u on game on how to hustle Shit at the end of the day they’re asking you for a hook up on dope, dust, or ice. In a 2014 appearance on Snoop’s own GGN YouTube series, Neptunes member Pharrell Williams recalled how he was pressured in the studio by Crip gang members who were waiting for him to produce a hit. was yall paying Snoop bills back when he was young? You said it perfectly. he’s so not gehhto just a proper person!! He already did that put hella niggas from the hood. Naw, NBA. On-Page SEO means more now than ever since the new Google update: Panda. “I Should Be In Female Prison” – Caitlyn Jenner, THOT Stripper Exposes James Harden’s Cheating On Khloe Kardashian. They call them “studio gangsters” lol they claim to be street and gangsters for their image as a gangster rapper. “Long Beach Rolling 20 Crips just kicked Snoop Dogg off the hood.”, “Snoop just rolled through the hood and s**t, down Martin Luther King…about 3 or 4 cars deep with security, trying to show his presence,” Crischon says, “The homies were ready to blow his a**…They straight kicked Snoop Dogg out of the hood.”, “These n***as out here really gonna gun him down though.”, The beef comes from Snoop claiming LBC and dropping Crips references on his tracks, but not paying royalties to Rolling 20s. Instead of lying to people, simply say hey I can’t help you or you ain’t going to help them straight out! Made Man. It is snoop who said he was a double OG? Snoop need to go make a film quit trying to claim a life he quit years ago we dont take gangster snoop serioushell he was wearing glitter nails earlier with a perm, showercap and man purse still making so called thug music and ice cube sounds like an angry old man.niw his son is making thug music, Ain’t no quit in niggas.. It’s blood in blood out… And this gangbang shit was meant to go against these police and white folks.. Crip mean creative revolution in progress.. Oktober 1971 in Long Beach, Kalifornien; bürgerlich Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr.) ist ein US-amerikanischer Rapper, Reggae-Musiker und Schauspieler. why would Snoop be on that label? Exactly where is my hood tax going?
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