Tokyo DisneySea is often considered a “more mature” place than Tokyo Disneyland, but Disney’s charm still presents in its games, attractions, and decorations. I had a fun time exploring Tokyo Disney Sea as a solo traveler, and here I share my experience and things you should know before visiting Tokyo DisneySea Japan. Attraction ratings are on a scale from 0 (very bad) to 5 (excellent). You won’t want to miss a thing! As the name suggests, the theme of the park is the sea. Opened in 1983, it has since been incorporated into the larger and expanded Tokyo Disney Resort, which includes an additional theme park called Tokyo DisneySea, and several hotels. This is an unofficial Disney web site and is not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company or any of its subsidiaries. Come set sail and explore seven incredible ports of call! The show happens over the water of Mediterranean Harbor and lasts about 20 minutes. Since the queues at Tokyo DisneySea get pretty long, you might not be able to squeeze in all the attractions into your day. Tokyo DisneySea is a theme park at the Tokyo Disney Resort. Centred around the large lagoon, one of the big attractions is the park itself. The second theme park to open at the Tokyo Disney Resort, Tokyo DisneySea is one of the Japanese capital’s most popular attractions, for adults as well as children. Guests can take advantage of the two Disney theme parks at Tokyo Disney Resort. So I’ve done a lot of research and scoured the Internet to put together this article for you. Get a detailed overview of every full service and quick service restaurant, including ratings of quality, value, and cost. Image credit: Tokyo DisneySea. Explore the nautically themed park and visit all seven ports of call, each of which is filled with rides and attractions. We were only there for about five hours, so we chose to focus on the attractions the kids would like best. Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea offers a wide variety of fun attractions with popular Disney movies and character themes including rides, shows, parades, shops and restaurants. Tokyo DisneySea is Japan’s second gate to Tokyo Disneyland, with lands and attractions based on various ports of call, both real and imagined. provides tourists with Tokyo DisneySea attraction address, business hours, brief introduction, open hours, nearby recommendation, restaurant, reviews etc. Depending on the season, Tokyo DisneySea opens anytime between 8 to 9 am, and closes at 10 pm. From Disneyland to Disneysea, get ready for even more adventures. The gorgeous Tokyo DisneySea world is taken in the rooms. First opened in 2001, the entire park sports a nautical theme and has seven main areas or “ports of call.” Each area features a number of rides, attractions, and entertainment venues based on characters, stories, … Tokyo Disneyland was the first Disney amusement theme park built outside the United States. If you’re planning a visit to Tokyo DisneySea you’ll want to know about the Tokyo DisneySea rides and attractions. These information answers detailedly about what to visit in . Mr. JOC recorded the last 5 min of the Fantasmic show (the best part). The 10 Best Attractions In Tokyo Disneysea. The hotels listed here are all within easy walking distance of Tokyo DisneySea; or are connected by a short shuttle bus ride. Attractions near Tokyo DisneySea: (0.79 km) Tokyo Disneyland (0.95 km) Disney Resort Line (0.92 km) Ikspiari (1.13 km) Bon Voyage (0.72 km) Urayasu Sports Park; View all attractions near Tokyo DisneySea … Tokyo DisneySea attraction travel guidebook, must-visit attractions. Remus. You will also find distinct differences between Disneysea and Disneyland including a few comparisons to the original Disneyland California. The official Tokyo Disney Resort website has a list of all the attractions, but, follow our guide and you will know which ones to ride, which FastPass to grab first, which are unique, and most importantly, which are the best attractions! The greatest was to enjoy this unique park is to blend these secret hot spots with the popular must-rides! The gold standard for these is Big Band Beat, a swing revue performed on stage in the Broadway Music Theatre multiple times daily. I wanted to share everything between the two parks such as top attractions, must-try foods (psst…I made a video), gift shop finds, and a one-day itinerary. Our Tokyo DisneySea 1-Day Itinerary is an efficient touring plan for what attractions, shows, and dining we’d do in our ideal day at the park. Alight at Tokyo DisneySea Station, and get ready for a fun-filled day! While other touring plans focus on fitting in every attraction in one day, we’ll be more… (A ★ denotes something not to be missed) (A denotes an experience unique to Tokyo DisneySea) You can get a special benefit to admit DisneySEA 15 minutes earlier than anyone else. While Tokyo Disney Resort has been busy reopening classic attractions (and a couple of new ones) since its July 1st reopening, one of the final holdouts was 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea at Tokyo DisneySea, likely due to its entirely enclosed cab ride vehicles. You can see exact opening times here, but it is generally open from 8.30am – 10.00pm. For the full map, you can download it from the Tokyo Disney Resort website. No visit to DisneySea would be complete without taking in one of the park’s shows. We're sorry but Activities, Attractions, Tours, and More | Changi Recommends doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. Source. While some of them are so popular that you need to queue for hours, others are less well-known and seen as secret tips among DisneySea fans. The first show of the day is first-come, first-serve. Attractions Overview And because Tokyo DisneySea is the only park of its kind in the world, there are several rides that totally unique. For the grand show at night, the current one on display is called Fantasmic. The park is more geared towards adults than Disneyland itself, so the rides are even more thrilling. The attractions at Tokyo Disney Resort are not limited to rides. Tokyo DisneySea is often considered one of the best theme parks in the world. 14 May 2020. To visit all of these areas fully you would need to be at DisneySea from very early in the morning to late in the evening. Tokyo Disney Resort crowd calendar and vacation planning guide visiting Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, Japan. Tokyo Disneysea became the second of the two theme parks at Tokyo Disney Resort when it opened in September 2001. Tokyo DisneySea may not have as many attractions as Tokyo Disneyland, but it makes up in the quality and ingenuity of some of the truly magnificent offerings at the park. Attractions near Tokyo DisneySea: (0.79 km) Tokyo Disneyland (0.95 km) Disney Resort Line (0.92 km) Ikspiari (1.13 km) Bon Voyage (0.72 km) Urayasu Sports Park; View all attractions near Tokyo DisneySea on Tripadvisor $ Tokyo Disneyland / DisneySea. Nevertheless, Tokyo DisneySea is one of those few theme parks around the world where adults and children can have equally great time when they pay a visit together. Be it the rides, the food, the shows, nor simply the enjoyment, Tokyo DisneySea seems to have plenty of things to offer to all types of demographics. The park was popular right from the start, becoming the fastest theme park in the world to reach the 10 million visitors mark. The Night in Tokyo DisneySea. Character meets and atmosphere entertainment (e.g., roving musicians) are not listed. The following list shows Tokyo DisneySea attractions with appeal by age group. party to celebrate 35 years of delighting children and adolescents alike. Tokyo Disneysea vs. Disneyland. There is the entrance which is directly connected to Tokyo DisneySea in the hotel. Pro tip: Maximize your time; arrive early. This park bolsters enough attractions to keep any theme park fan busy. Park layout and map. Let’s face it – whether you’re 12, 21, or 50, there’s just something so magical about Disney. Attractions at DisneySea Tokyo DisneySea Dining. If you're extra hungry for all-things Disney, Tokyo Disneysea should be high on your list. Now, the Oriental Land Company has quietly announced that the classic attraction will reopen on December 1st! Tokyo Disneysea is a magical place where you can eat all the Disney snack foods without expanding your frame. Also, note that getting to Maihama Station from some parts of central Tokyo can take up to nearly an hour. Quickly flip through the attractions in Tokyo DisneySea, ranked by our experts and easily sortable by age group! Hopefully this guide will help you plan what to do and when. The night time scenery in DisneySea is very pretty to walk around and enjoy. Tokyo DisneySea is only 25 minutes or so by train from Tokyo Station, so you can stay in the center of the city and visit this theme park. Tokyo DisneySea is a 176-acre theme park, divided into seven themed lands: Mediterranean Harbor, American Waterfront, Port Discovery, Mysterious Island, Mermaid Lagoon, Lost River Delta and Arabian Coast. Both Parks also offer events exclusive to … Head over to the Klook ultimate guide on Tokyo DisneySea! For those who can't make it out to Tokyo Disney just yet, here's a look at how awesome Journey to the Center of the Earth is at Tokyo DisneySea. When used in conjunction with our 1-Day Tokyo DisneySea Itinerary , you should have a strong plan of attack, which is very important at Tokyo DisneySea, as lines can be very long. Tokyo DisneySea Attractions. Top 12 Tokyo DisneySea attractions. I’ve only been to Tokyo Disneyland twice, and the place is HUGE, so I, being only one person, couldn’t possibly know everything there is to know. Enjoy shows, attractions and more at Tokyo Disneyland, or experience Tokyo DisneySea - the only Disney Park themed to the myths and legends of the sea. Attractions. Please enable it to continue. Due to its sheer enormity, the number of visitors and the time element, it is a must to prioritize which among the Tokyo DisneySea attractions merit your effort. Calories don’t count at Tokyo Disneysea! But, staying at the park makes everything easier and more convenient. Opened in 2001 as the second park at Tokyo Disney Resort, Tokyo DisneySea is an incredibly unique park, full of variety, originality, and surprise around every corner. From now till 25th March 2019, Tokyo DisneySea is hosting their Happiest Celebration! Tokyo DisneySea is a theme park in Urayasu, Chiba, Japan, just outside Tokyo.This is a list of current and past attractions – rides, shows, restaurants, and shops – that have appeared at the park. This itinerary is how we’d recommend experiencing all of the, what we consider, DisneySea essentials. The snack menu at Tokyo Disneysea is out of this world, and most Disney snacks retail for less than ¥500 yen each so they are perfect Tokyo Disney food options for those on a budget too. The aim of this post is to give you an idea of what the rides are about and which attractions to prioritise. Tokyo DisneySea, right next to Tokyo Disneyland, is Japan’s other magical park, offering a plethora of exciting attractions, shows, and more.
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